WEEEK Week #31: New integration interface and bugfixes

New integration interface

This year we added the ability to embed files from other work services in projects in WEEEK: Google Docs, Google Tables, Figma, Miro, etc. It worked like this:

  • on the top panel next to the Pomodoro timer, you had to click on the “+” button,
  • select the desired service in the drop-down menu,
  • and specify a link to the file in the popup


Many of the changes you won’t even notice, but you should know that it’s better. Briefly about the most notable bugfixes:

  • Previously, the menu “jumped” height. Now everything is OK.
  • The search for attached files from other services is case-insensitive.
  • You can delete attached files from other services.
  • The side menu comes out with a new animation.



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