Top 12 Task Management Apps for Android in 2024

12 min readApr 24, 2024

This compilation features the best task and project planners that fit right into your mobile phone

Our lives have been compacted into a little piece of metal alloy, plastic, and wireless waves. I’m talking about the smartphone. We work, plan, relax, and create using this little gadget. And, of course, it also helps us stay connected with our tasks.

So, let’s take a look at the coolest planners and task trackers for Android in 2024.

❗️ An important note. Mobile versions of planners often have fewer features than their web application or browser version counterparts. So, I will discuss what these mobile apps do have, not what they lack.


WEEEK is a comprehensive smart system. It includes a planner, a Knowledge Base, CRM, and Analytics. The mobile version for Android features the task planner, Knowledge Base and CRM.

👍🏻 What it includes. Through your WEEEK account, you can access all projects available in your workspace. Here, you’ll find a to-do list and tasks in three display modes: list, calendar, and Kanban boards. In the task cards, you can enter the task name, subtasks, date, reminders, priority, duration, type of action, comments, and attached files. Naturally, the assignee (by default, the task is assigned to you) and the project can be modified as needed. There’s also a task filter by assignee, priority, and so on. In short — a full-fledged pocket assistant for flexible task management.

In the Android version, the Knowledge Base is also available — a service for working with documents similar to Notion. It supports advanced formatting, lists, headings, and even embeds from other services.

Why it’s great to use. It’s definitely better to try and test WEEEK through the web version, where all features are available without restrictions. But as a mobile planner for Android, WEEEK efficiently handles planning and tracking tasks. And, of course, the mobile app is ideal if you already have projects and tasks in WEEEK: it allows you to maintain control even away from your computer. You can jot down daily plans on the go, view your to-do list, and capture ideas.

The mobile app is also great for reminding you about deadlines and pushing notifications about new tasks. This is particularly important to me because I respond better to notifications from my phone — they’re somehow more noticeable.

💰 Price. Free for teams of up to five people, a maximum of seven projects and five boards each, three funnels in CRM, and 100 documents (other features are unlimited). Paid plans start for teams of five or more — from $3.99 per user.

🔴 Drawbacks. When swiping in calendar mode around tasks, it’s the task that gets swiped, not the day — so you might accidentally delete something.

📱 Download the WEEEK app for Android

Here are our compilations of other useful tools for work 👇🏻


The Trello service is one of the most famous planning applications. The web version is very convenient for working with Trello’s Kanban boards; let’s see if it’s the same on mobile.

👍🏻 What’s available. Display in list and board view, filter by statuses, and search by date. It’s convenient to open the calendar and see how many tasks are planned for each day. It was probably a real challenge for the company to pack the board view into a mobile phone screen. They succeeded — you can view all the same tasks scattered across the boards from the planner on Android. One screen — one column of the board. The attributes of the task cards are the same as for web versions: pictures, attachments, labels, priorities, comments.

Great for using. For task management, creating new ones (if a billion-dollar idea strikes you on the go), and for staying in touch with colleagues.

💰 Price. Free with limited features — beyond that, Trello has four pricing tiers at $6 per month ($5 when paid annually), also with feature limitations.

🔴 Drawbacks. Users often experience slowdowns with boards that have a large number of cards or extensive activity history. Also Trello’s reporting capabilities are relatively basic.

📱 Download the Trello app for Android


Wrike is popular worldwide and noted for its high flexibility in task management.

👍🏻 What’s available. Fine-tuning tasks with labels, tags, attachments, and available in all display types. Data synchronization occurs through the account — whatever is created on the web also appears in the Android planner. Integrations are available with Zoom, Gmail, Outlook, and other services. You can set up notifications for tasks and comments. Additionally, the detailed work with documents and projects in a tree structure and the quick creation of entries via a separate tab in the tap bar are impressive features.

Great for using. For full control of remote work or while traveling — the main features are preserved in the Android version. Especially excellent is the seamless transition between mobile and desktop versions.

💰 Price. Free with all features only for a one-week trial period. After that, it starts at $13.8 per user annually for teams of 2 to 25 people.

🔴 Drawbacks. Some users report occasional issues with synchronization and task saving, leading to lost records.

📱 Download the Wrike app for Android


ClickUP is one of the strongest contenders in the market. It is well-thought-out, advanced in terms of features, and visually impressive.

👍🏻 What’s available. Display options include list and board views, status filtering, and date search. It’s convenient that, like the web version, the Android app allows you to open the calendar and see how many tasks are planned for each day. A quick button for creating documents, notes, reminders, and starting a timer is also featured. The pleasant onboarding process and superb animation are very appealing!

Great for using. Comprehensive task management, workflow monitoring, staying connected with colleagues, and enjoying the aesthetics of cool animations.

💰 Price. There is a free tier with limitations on storage and the number of projects, but all features are accessible. Prices start at $5 per user thereafter.

🔴 Drawbacks. The interface is rather complex and overwhelming for new users.

📱 Download the ClickUP app for Android


Notion is more than just a task manager or planner. It’s a true work and life assistant, a library of projects and data.

👍🏻 What’s available. Miraculously, all features from the web version are included in the mobile version of Notion. You can work with your projects saved under your account. You can create new ones — turning them into a simple document with extensive layout settings, or starting a project from scratch or a template: a table, board, list, Gantt chart, calendar, gallery. There is also access to templates for complex projects: designers’ roadmaps, databases, company goals, meeting notes, and more. Any type of attachment can be added to the file you create, you can comment on the document, and sync via API.

✅ Great for using. For the same control over current tasks and affairs, quick access to documents, and spontaneous recording of ideas and thoughts — it’s even suitable for creating a new document.

💰 Price. Free with limitations on team size, version saving, and analytics. Also, access to AI is limited by the number of requests. Pricing starts at $8 per user per month when billed annually ($10 if billed monthly). Notion AI costs $8 per user per month with annual payment ($10 per month when paid monthly).

🔴 Drawbacks. Oh, it’s hard to criticize Notion. Perhaps it might be challenging to navigate all the settings on a small screen — but that’s just a matter of getting used to it.

📱 Download the Notion app for Android


👍🏻 What’s available. Access to projects, portfolios, goals — essentially all attributes of the workspace. Access to tasks. Notifications. Search and account management. All of this fits in one tap-bar — it’s honestly unusual to see five tabs in one menu. The Android planner retains the ability to switch between board, list, and calendar views. The large “New Task” button makes it easy to create entries: with comments, attachments, and deadlines. It’s cool that tasks can be recorded and dictated by voice, and you can immediately attach a photo taken directly from the phone. Great that this mobile planner for Android is available in Russian.

Great for using. To not miss dates, notifications, come up with tasks on the go (and toss them in there on the fly, by voice), to view colleagues’ comments and comment on others’ tasks. Especially convenient is the quick access to the “My Tasks” section without filters.

💰 Price. Free with limitations on task display types, basic analytics, and security settings — but no limitations on the number of tasks. Beyond that, from $10.99 per user per month when paid annually (and $13.49 when paid monthly).

🔴 Drawbacks. I think the tap-bar is overloaded with tabs — the profile settings could certainly be made accessible with a click on the icon. It’s a bit awkward to create tasks initially: a pop-up window appears, which feels quite cramped. Also, Asana is expensive.

📱 Download the Asana app for Android

Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do is a straightforward planner and pocket notebook for tasks and chores.

👍🏻 What’s available. Task lists, marking by importance, planning for the day and week, lists, groups. The planner on Android features a minimalist interface while maintaining essential functions for task management. You can mark important tasks, assign tasks to others, view tasks assigned to you, and tag emails to be converted into tasks. There is a search feature, which is very convenient. It can also work with smartwatches and voice assistants.

Great for using. Suitable for planning over a week or month and creating one-time to-do lists or shopping lists.

💰 Price. Free!

🔴 Drawbacks. Requires a Microsoft account. Who even has one of those?

📱 Download the Microsoft To Do app for Android


Todoist’s mobile version for Android is super lightweight. The interface is extremely simple: there’s no tap-bar, just one big plus button for creating a task.

👍🏻 What’s available. You can create a task with a title, description, deadline, reminder, and priority. Tasks can be sent directly to a project. You can view tasks by a daily or weekly list. Projects can be managed within the mobile planner, which is convenient. There are filters and labels. Especially cool is the analytics for completed tasks, meaning Todoist’s feature — Karma — is also available in the mobile version on Android.

Great for using. Ideal as a pocket planner and notebook for daily tasks — on the way to work or in line, you can jot down ideas, tasks for the day, or make a shopping list. Notifications are also very good because you can set reminders and stay connected with your tasks.

💰 Price. Free with some feature limitations, such as the number of projects, reminders, and guests. Beyond that, from $4 per month with an annual subscription ($5 monthly).

🔴 Drawbacks. Not very suitable for managing complex projects — but as a daily planner, it’s quite effective.

📱 Download the Todoist app for Android


TickTick is a straightforward and convenient planner without aspirations for complex functions.

👍🏻 What’s available. TickTick is a very user-friendly planner for Android. It features a simplified interface — just one large task creation tab. Interestingly, the app sets the execution time based on the content — for example, it automatically set the task “Eat lunch” for 12 PM, without me even asking. When creating a task, you can add a priority, tag, date, and designate a project-list. That’s about it.

It’s all based on planning by dates and days, so displays are available in list, month, day, three-day period, and week modes. It’s convenient to have quick access to a checklist of tasks. I like that tasks are tagged with dates and times — it’s very useful for reviewing tasks and assessing them. When a task is completed, a cancellation button appears — also handy! In the same tasks tab, completed tasks are displayed.

Great for using. Ideal as a daily to-do list and as a pocket planner. Well-suited for managing current tasks and notifications.

💰 Price. Free with limited features. Another option is to pay $2.79 per month or $27.99 per year, which then includes access to the calendar, subtasks, lists, filters, and more.

🔴 Drawbacks. For me, perhaps the biggest downside is completing a task by swiping from left to right. I accidentally closed a task this way. Of course, this can easily be corrected, and probably such a feature is introduced for a reason — but I didn’t like it.

📱 Download the TickTick app for Android is a cool organizer and daily planner, very convenient, but nothing more.

👍🏻 What’s available. Features for maintaining daily lists and setting tasks. It’s great that you can quickly draft to-do lists across different projects — by default these include Budget, Ideas, Creative. It’s possible to manage both work and personal matters in one place, and also come up with a shopping list for the evening there. Planning in the service is based on a weekly principle — you can schedule a task for today, tomorrow, a day of the week, or even “someday”. All these markers need to be chosen and tagged right when creating a task.

Great for using. Best suited for creating lists of tasks and ideas. A very pleasant pocket assistant!

💰 Price. The free tier is suitable for personal use — though it comes with limitations. Beyond that, from $2.99 per month.

🔴 Drawbacks. Aggressive prompts to upgrade to the paid tier initially. Navigation within tabs is inconvenient — clicking a tab in the tap-bar opens a new window, and you can only return via a newly appeared ‘home’ icon. Strange and unfamiliar.

📱 Download the app for Android is a robust and highly versatile project management tool that excels in team collaboration and project tracking.

👍🏻 What’s available. The app for Android provides comprehensive features that mirror the desktop version, including board management, task assignment, and progress tracking. Users can utilize various view options such as Kanban, timeline, and Gantt charts. Integration with tools like Slack, Google Drive, and more enhances its functionality, making it suitable for managing detailed projects and workflows.

Great for using. Perfect for teams looking for a collaborative platform that supports detailed project management and tracking. It’s highly adaptable to different industries and workflows, making it an excellent choice for teams needing customization.

💰 Price. The app offers a free trial to explore its features, with pricing plans starting from $8 per user per month when billed annually.

🔴 Drawbacks. can be complex and potentially overwhelming for smaller teams or individuals who need simpler solutions. The cost can also accumulate quickly for larger teams, making it less affordable compared to other options.

📱 Download the app for Android


SingularityApp is a task manager designed for clarity and focus, helping users manage their tasks and projects with ease and efficiency.

👍🏻 What’s available. The SingularityApp on Android includes features for creating tasks, setting deadlines, and organizing them into projects. It supports prioritization and categorization with tags, making it easy to filter and find specific tasks. The app provides various views such as lists and calendars, allowing for different perspectives on your workflow. Syncing across devices ensures that all your information is up to date, wherever you go.

Great for using. Ideal for individuals who need a straightforward tool to help manage daily activities and larger projects. It’s especially useful for those who value a clear, organized approach to task management.

💰 Price. SingularityApp offers a free version with basic functionalities. Premium features, including advanced project management tools and unlimited task creation, are available for $4.99 per month.

🔴 Drawbacks. While it is effective for individual use, it might not cater as well to the needs of larger teams or those requiring extensive collaboration tools. Additionally, the interface, while clean, may require some time to get accustomed to for new users.

📱 Download the SingularityApp for Android




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