Project management methods

  • Waterfall,
  • Agile,
  • Scrum,
  • Kanban,
  • Lean,
  • PRINCE2,
  • Six Sigma and others.

Important theoretical part

  • Waterfall — methodology
  • Agile — methodology (and the philosophical concept)
  • Scrum — methodology based on Agile methods
  • Kanban — the Agile method
  • Lean — the Agile method (and also a philosophical concept)
  • PRINCE2 — method
  • Six Sigma — methodology, but it concerns process management, not project management
  • cascade (waterfall, Waterfall) — tasks are done sequentially until one is completed, you can’t start another;
  • flexible (iterative, Agile) — work on tasks is carried out in parallel, so the company saves resources;
  • hybrid — respectively, a mixture of the two previous methodologies, which takes only the best elements from them.

7 project management methods

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

Gantt chart

  • tasks depend on each other;
  • the time that each of them takes;
  • how this time affects the final deadline.


  • Inbox,
  • For work,
  • In progress,
  • Done.

PERT (Program Evaluation and Review Technique)

Critical path method (CPM)

Critical chain project management (CCPM)

Extreme project management (XPM)




Service for personal and team projects managing.

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Service for personal and team projects managing.

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